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What’s This All About?

Forever Home at Living Hope

Ndola, Zambia

“I love worshiping God through singing. God is the One who made me and I will trust Him always. He is the God of all and I will dance for Him and do everything for Him in the name of Jesus.”  

Living Hope is truly giving hope to orphaned children in Zambia. We are seeing our children become responsible adults succeeding in college, careers and most importantly sharing the hope of Christ, they have received. Give hope today!


See how our children come to living hope

 Living Hope begins by praying to God and asking Him to guide us to the children He has selected for us. We generally choose children from the rural villages. We contact local pastors and community leaders to seek their help in identifying “at risk” children who would benefit from Living Hope’s care. Our first priority is “double orphans” – those children that have lost both parents, and are in the custody of ill equipped, disinterested, or, sadly, exploitative individuals. Secondly, we will accept “single orphans” – a child who has lost either the mother or the father and due to extenuating circumstances the remaining parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child. In many cases Living Hope is rescuing the child from a life of hunger, servitude and sometimes abuse.
We then confirm with the guardians or next-of-kin their willingness to give Living Hope custody (the right to raise the child). At that point, the guardian or next-of-kin must sign the appropriate documents providing Living Hope legal guardianship of the child. This is necessary in case the child would ever need medical attention. Living Hope will not pay guardians or next-of-kin to obtain children. We typically chose children between the ages of 6 and 9. Living Hope welcomes new children as we have the ability to provide for them, which is why sponsorship is so important. 

 Why Become A Sponsor?

When you give hope by sponsoring a child with Living Hope you do much more than give financially. Your sponsorship supports the life-changing work of God by providing:

  • A safe, loving home
  • Education including college
  • Nourishing food
  • Mentoring through the local church
  • Medical care
  • A relationship with you, the sponsor

“the first of many”

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Current Sponsors

Sponsoring a child from the Living Hope family is a life-changing relationship. Not only does your sponsorship change the life of the child, sponsorship changes your life.

As a Sponsor with Living Hope, you are encouraged to develop a relationship with the child you sponsor.

Sponsorship is relationship

Get to know your child

Write to your child

Pray for your child

 Our Zambian & Corporate Partners

Living Hope International works with companies, government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations to overcome challenges in Ndola, Zambia. Our partners offer more than monetary contributions. They also provide expertise and volunteers as they practice global stewardship that meets the essential needs of the community and creates actionable opportunities to give hope today while growing leaders for tomorrow.


BIGGBY® COFFEE is fostering life, love and leadership by partnering with Living Hope in Zambia. All Living Hope’s profits are poured into caring for at-risk children. Living Hope grows coffee so they can grow hope.

The Richard and Elizabeth Turner Trust is thoughtful in what organizations they support. They seek to identify organizations that avoid “toxic charity” while promoting the well being of the individuals served.

Northrise University uses the Living Hope coffee fields as a hands-on laboratory for their agronomy program. In exchange Northrise provides tuition subsidies for the Living Hope college bound students.

Anonymous: Many of our key supporters choose to remain unnamed. Nevertheless, we want to recognize their significant contributions… in anonymity.

Matthew 6:1-4

Shared-X is a Peruvian impact farming organization that betters the lives of impoverished farmers located in the ‘coffee belt’. They deliver a methodology of better farming techniques that adds value to Living Hope and in 31 countries currently.




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