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Sponsor a Child

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Living Hope begins by praying to God and asking Him to guide us to the children He has selected for us. We generally choose children from the rural villages. We contact local pastors and community leaders to seek their help in identifying “at risk” children who would benefit from what Living Hope’s care. Our first priority is “double orphans” – those children that have lost both parents, and are in the custody of ill equipped, disinterested, or, sadly, exploitative individuals. Secondly, we will accept “single orphans” – a child who has lost either the mother or the father and due to extenuating circumstances the remaining parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child. In many cases Living Hope is rescuing the child from a life of hunger, servitude and sometimes abuse.
We then confirm with the guardians or next-of-kin their willingness to give Living Hope custody the right to raise the child. At that point, the guardian or next-of-kin must sign the appropriate documents providing Living Hope legal guardianship of the child. This is necessary in case the child would ever need medical attention. Living Hope will not pay guardians or next-of-kin to obtain children. Living Hope welcomes new children as have the ability to provide for them. Living Hope typically choses children between the ages of 6 and 9.
It covers housing, food, clothing, utilities and medical care. Schooling costs have continued to rise and no longer are covered by the $150. To subsidize schooling costs the Education Fund has been started. This fund is to cover schooling (tuition, books, uniforms & transportation) through college. The $150 does not cover any administrative or construction cost. Those costs are being covered by special fund raisers and additional donations.
You may be aware of other organizations which charge a lot less (typically between $35 and $40 per month). Many of these are worthy organizations doing a great job, but they do not provide complete care for orphaned children. At Living Hope, we actually take guardianship of each orphaned child. They are our children and we take care of every need they have. Learn more about how our children come to Living Hope here.
Would you prayerfully consider supporting an orphaned child in Zambia? If you choose to become a sponsor, you will initially receive a picture and information about the child. You will be asked to periodically write to the child using our Hope Note and you will have the opportunity to occasionally send a gift package to your child or actually visit the children. If $150 is too much for your budget, you or we can find other sponsors to share the expense. We have Life Groups and extended families sponsoring children. Be a part of this giving hope in Zambia and sponsor one of our children.

Education Fund

Your gift to the education fund, subsidizes the rising costs of educating the children of Living Hope. As we send our children to college, our costs continue to increase. Give Hope by giving education to our children.
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General Fund

Living Hope uses all donations wisely and in submission to Christ. The General Fund covers all variety of ministry costs: gaps in child-sponsorships; Zambia staff salaries; construction; property development, etc.

Building Fund

God has blessed us with over $1 million in Building Fund donations. To complete our campus, we estimate the cost will be over $2 million. Be a part of Building Hope in Zambia by giving to the Building Fund. Donate Button for one-time gift

Mission Trips

June Trip (June 15 – July 1, 2018)

Mentoring & Construction

-Housemother Mentoring – Encouraging the Living Hope Housemothers through Bible Study and partnership, women on the team provide support while learning the challenges and joys of caring for the children of Living Hope.

-Men and Boys Mentoring – Partnering with men from the local church to foster relationships with the boys of Living Hope to provide Godly male influence in their lives, men on the team will engage in Bible Study and relationship while learning how to apply Biblical principles to life in Zambia.

-Construction – The men (and women, possibly) will serve on the Living Hope campus according to the needs of Living Hope and the composition of the team. At this time, possible projects include installing a playscape and building furniture (cabinets, tables, closets, etc.) for the performing arts center.

-Outreach – Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the neighbors of Living Hope and the workers on our farm and campus is always a priority. This is often done by showing the Jesus Film.

Each team member needs to raise $4500 to cover trip expenses.

Jamie & Kathy Flowers

Rob & Ellen Phail

Emily Ruffer

Jean Dobson

Kevin Brooks

Matt Renirie

Support a Team Member
August Trip (August 9 – 24, 2018)

Performing Arts & Construction

The Performing & Visual Arts Camp will provide the children with the opportunity to engage in various forms of art they would otherwise lack the opportunity to experience. This fills a void in their daily lives while increasing personal insight into who they are and who they can become.

The Construction Team will continue the work of building the Living Hope campus while also growing in cross-cultural awareness. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve as the hands of feet of Christ alongside our Zambian brothers and sisters.

Each team member needs to raise $4500 to cover trip expenses.

Lee & Trina Davis

Kim & Kathy Cooke

Dan & Anna Cooke

Shay Dembicki

Melanie Beaudoin

Noelle Jacquez

James & Janelle Cooke

Bill Phillips

Kevin Brooks

Trey Richman

Jessica Rushing

Abby Adelmann

Tom & Linda Crabill

Melissa Meadows

Kyle Milton

Support a Team Member

Support a Missionary

As a mission agency, Living Hope does not have income to hire staff. You can be a part of giving hope by supporting a Living Hope missionary. Jamie & Kathy Flowers are Living Hope’s first full-time U.S. staff. They are supported by donors and would not be able to serve with Living Hope otherwise.
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Donate by Check

We are very thankful for PayPal and its ease of use, but PayPal does retain a small fee for its services. If you would prefer to send LHI checks directly, please mail them to the following address: (in the memo write the name for whom the gift is designated)

Living Hope International
50200 West Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI 48374

Living Hope International is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Federal Tax ID #61-1516195. As such, donations to our organization may be tax deductible and are made with the understanding that LHI has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Please consult with your tax advisor to find out how these donations can benefit your tax planning.


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