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Our mission is to foster life, love and leadership by creating Christ-following communities that break the cycle of poverty.

Our Story

Serving in Zambia in 2003, several members of Oak Pointe Church in Novi, Michigan, responded to God’s leading to begin operation of a small orphanage in Ndola, Zambia in partnership with Cru-Zambia. This God-given desire was a result of knowing Christ’s love and passion for all children, especially those without parents (James 1:27). In time, the need for more focused and dedicated leadership of the orphanage led to the creation of Living Hope International in August 2006. Once established, Living Hope took complete responsibility from Oak Pointe in January 2008, with strong partnership and accountability between the Zambian and US based leadership.
Plans were developed to create a campus to serve not only the children of Living Hope, but also the surrounding community. Through the God-ordained generosity of the Zambian people, 40 acres of land, ten miles south of Ndola, was acquired and dedicated in 2009. 15 acres will be used to create a campus ultimately providing housing for 96 children, and will serve the children and surrounding community with a church, school, medical clinic and vocational training facilities. On the remaining acreage, coffee is being grown to sustain the ministry from its sales.
Construction is currently moving at a rapid pace after several years of waiting on God to provide financial resources and the right personnel. Housing is being completed for the children of Living Hope as well as our Zambian Director and the Housemothers. In 2016, Living Hope acquired 7 more acres to expand its agricultural capacity and in 2018, by God’s grace we will begin construction of our medical clinic.
Continue praying God will bless Living Hope as a source of hope in Ndola, Zambia.

Our Heart

Our Passion
The passion of Living Hope is giving hope to children who have experienced hunger, sickness and the death of their parents. Living Hope desires to give the eternal hope of Christ by rescuing children from dire circumstances and providing a home that fosters life, love and leadership. Living Hope is raising these children to know and experience the hope and honor of being a child of the Heavenly Father.

Our Vision
The vision of Living Hope is for orphaned children in impoverished nations to be transformed through Christ’s love into leaders who guide their communities and countries out of poverty, corruption and injustice.

Our Mission
The mission of Living Hope is to create Christ-following communities that foster life, love and leadership enabling each Living Hope child to achieve his or her God-given potential.

Our Values
Life—Because God is the author, sustainer and protector of Life, Living Hope is committed to fostering life in all ways.
Love — Because Love is personified in Jesus Christ, Living Hope is committed to loving God above all things and our neighbors as
Leadership—Because Jesus was the greatest leader, Living Hope will follow his example of love, service and sacrifice to establish tomorrow’s leaders.
Human Dignity—Because all people bear the image of God and have inherent value, Living Hope is committed to bringing the hope and honor of being a child of the Heavenly Father to children who have no earthly father.

Our Community


Caring for children at Living Hope begins with prayer. As we have opportunity to take in children, we ask God to guide us to the children He has selected for us. We typically choose children from rural villages. Through our network of local pastors and community leaders, we are able to identify “at risk” children who would benefit most as a member of the Living Hope family.
Living Hope prioritizes “double orphans” – those children that have lost both parents. These children are too often in the custody of extended family who lack the emotional and financial resources to care for them. In the worst cases, these children are exploited. Under extenuating circumstances, Living Hope does care for “single orphans” who have a parent living who is unable or unwilling to care for the child.
Finally, Living Hope confirms with the guardians or next-of-kin their willingness to have Living Hope take custody and raise the child. Living Hope becomes the legal guardian of the child and provides a home that fosters life, love and leadership. Living Hope does not pay guardians or next-of-kin to obtain children. Living Hope chooses boys and girls depending on the openings available at the homes, typically between the ages of 6 to 9.



The campus of Living Hope is home to the children of Living Hope. Living Hope cares for children who have lost their parents by creating a home and family. Our campus is that home’s location.
The Living Hope campus is also home to our coffee farm and the future home to a church, medical clinic, school and vocational training center. These entities will serve not only the children of Living Hope, but our neighbors as well.
On our campus, the ministry of Living Hope not only cares for our children, we also care for our neighbors. It is a home for hope, Living Hope.

Our Leaders


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Trina Davis, Vice President

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