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Summer 2023 Mission Trips

Donate: Brian & Judy Beer
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Donate: Lee Davis
Donate: Manlio Huacuja
Donate: Mission Trip General Fund

General Fund

Our general fund supports and empowers many parts of the ministry behind the scenes that are essential for daily life. However, your financial support is needed more than ever. We will continue to raise support as usual and we will use these funds to address our children’s needs and campus projects. 

Donate: General Fund

 Hope for the Children Fund

Although our 36 children and 7 housemothers are currently 95% sponsored, we are adding new children and housemothers every year. Our goal will be 112 children and 28 housemothers living at Living Hope. In addition we have 7 children attending college that all need support.

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Community & Campus

We have made good progress but, much is still needed. An additional 8 children’s houses, The Dining Hall, K-12 School, Vocational Training Center, Medical Clinic, Church Resourcing Center, Coffee Processing and Solar energy field are all still to be completed.

Donate: Upcoming Projects

Living Hope Coffee

Coffee As Good As the Cause – Every purchase of Living Hope Coffee increases the sustainability of our ministry to orphaned children in Zambia and the lives of those who grow and harvest the coffee. So when you enjoy Living Hope Coffee you pour more than just a delicious, cafe-quality beverage… you pour hope.

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Support A Missionary

Many people work to make Living Hope a reality. There are a few individuals however who are answering God’s call to commit all their energies and gifts full-time to ensure the vision at Living Hope is realized .  These individuals need your support both prayerfully and financially

Donate: Missionaries


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