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AT LIVING HOPE  we are constructing our campus with the needs of our children and the local community in mind. In addition to providing unconditional love, care and acceptance, we believe a secure and stable environment that fosters many types of opportunities and amenities are keys to the development of our children. We also want to maintain strong connections with our local community to ensure our children maintain a healthy link to their culture and relationships. Find out more below.

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Our Permanent Children’s Housing 

 No Place Like Home 

We chose to construct smaller homes that will provide a more intimate and ‘sense of belonging’ rather than larger dormitory style structures. Each home accommodates 8 children plus two-house mothers. This ensures each child has more direct attention and care.

Permanent Children’s Housing

Living Hope campus Housing

Accomodations for

 Visiting Teams

We believe introducing our children to many different people and experiences will give them broader perspectives and opportunities. We have guest facilities to house visitors engaged in all aspects of our ministry: discipleship, medical outreach, education, sport camps, and the performing arts.

Dance. Music. Creativity. Confidence.

 Performing Arts Center

To enhance cognitive, motor, and social development, we encourage our children to participate in the performing arts. Studies show kids involved in the performing arts experience great benefits in self-confidence, they improve their ability to improvise and they are better equipped to handle stressful situations. It’s also a wonderful link to our community who welcomes the opportunity to come and enjoy the entertainment.

the joy of performing

Volleyball | Soccer fields | basketball

Let the Games Begin

 Sporting Facilities

Children everywhere benefit from athletic activity. We are committed to providing the time and resources to enable kids to exercise, compete, and experience the value of teamwork. Our facilities benefit the surrounding community and provide opportunities our neighbors would not have otherwise. Through our sports camps and future programs, neighboring children use our facilities to participate in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other recreational activities.

Coffee As Good As the Cause

We are actively expanding our coffee fields to increase our yield. We count on the sales of our coffee to sustain our campus and provide jobs for our local community.

Living Hope Coffee Fields