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 Our Heart

our values

Life—Because God is the author, sustainer and protector of Life, Living Hope is committed to fostering life in all ways.
Love — Because Love is personified in Jesus Christ, Living Hope is committed to loving God above all things and our neighbors as
Leadership—Because Jesus was the greatest leader, Living Hope will follow his example of love, service and sacrifice to establish tomorrow’s leaders.
Human Dignity—Because all people bear the image of God and have inherent value, Living Hope is committed to bringing the hope and honor of being a child of the Heavenly Father to children who have no earthly father.

Our Passion

The passion of Living Hope is giving hope to children who have experienced hunger, sickness and the death of their parents. Living Hope desires to give the eternal hope of Christ by rescuing children from dire circumstances and providing a home that fosters life, love and leadership. Living Hope is raising these children to know and experience the hope and honor of being a child of the Heavenly Father.

Our Vision

The vision of Living Hope is for orphaned children in impoverished nations to be transformed through Christ’s love into leaders who guide their communities and countries out of poverty, corruption and injustice.

 Our Mission

The mission of Living Hope is to foster life, love and leadership by creating Christ-following communities that break the cycle of poverty and enable each Living Hope child to achieve his or her God-given potential.

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