About 2023 Mission Trips

Thank you SO much for your willingness to support our mission trips this year! In addition to supporting our children and staff, the important projects include preparing for our school to open in January, renovating on-campus housing, completing the coffee processing area, and adding to the library and clothes closet. 

Please choose either the General Mission Fund, which will be shared with all missionaries traveling to our Living Hope Campus, or choose to support a specific individual. 

 Here are the dates of the trips this summer:

Lee Davis and Manlio Huacuja – June 14 -30

Mike and Shay Glover –  July 6-21

Melanie Beaudoin & Margaret Cundiff – July 10-18

Brian and Judy Beer – August 17-31

 Please pray for each team not only during their trip but also as they prepare to leave. Each member of the mission trip will need to raise $4,000. 

Seeing our children and supporting our staff is worth every penny as we work to continue God’s work in Zambia.