Tips for Writing a Hope Note to Your Sponsored Child

You want to write something to your sponsored child. You really want to write something and probably feel much of the following.

     • You want to be a “good” sponsor.

     • You want the letter to be perfect.

     • You want to stop feeling guilty for not writing.

     • You want your sponsored child to know how special they are to you and to God.

     • You want to say inspiring things that change the course of your sponsored child’s life so he/she
        goes on to become the president of Zambia (you know that’s a lot, but it’s how you feel).

     • You want to get the letter done.

     • But you don’t know how to start (or continue, or finish).

First, everyone feels some of these things when trying to write their sponsored child. So, fear not (or engage the fear, it’s up to you). But use these tips to help you write. You can also check out Hope Note FAQ’s  for additional help.

Write… Something… Anything.

What you say is not nearly as important as saying something… anything. It doesn’t matter if your grammar and spelling are imperfect. What matters is your sponsored child hears your words speaking to them… words of love. Your note can be even just a couple of sentences: “I was thinking of you today and said a prayer for you. You are special to me and God loves you more than you can ever understand.” Simple is good. Write… something… anything.

Write From Your Heart

It is good to write as you think and speak. Your thoughts can wander. It is good to use simple words. You aren’t writing a sonnet, college essay or a cover letter. Share a story from your day, your home, your family. Let your sponsored child know they are part of your day, your home and your family.

Asking Questions Counts

Ask simple questions. What is favorite color? What games do you like to play? What classes in school do you like? What does your name mean? And if they ask you questions, be sure to answer. Don’t just send a letter, create a conversation.

Picture The Smile on The Other End

Getting a letter from you is one of the best things your sponsored child experiences. Think of how happy you feel when you receive a letter from the heart of someone who cares about you. Your sponsored child’s elation is even a little extra heightened because of their unique circumstances. So, picture your sponsored child’s smile because you are guaranteed all their teeth are showing when they get your letter.

Don’t Overanalyze

Letters from your sponsored child may be short, infrequent or may even seem insincere. There are many reasons this can happen, but your expectations need to be kept in check. Remember how daunting letter-writing can feel for you, well it is even worse for your sponsored child. This is all new and they are overcoming language, age, cultural and experiential differences. Remember the letters you receive don’t always reflect the impact you are having in the life of your sponsored child. God is working through your sponsorship and through your letters. Keep giving hope and keep writing.