The Coffee

Living Hope Coffee is a premium, single-source arabica coffee grown on our farm outside Ndola, Zambia. Ndola sits at an altitude of 4265 feet and is 13° below the equator. It is in a prime location to grow great coffee. With each sip you will notice the bold cocoa flavors and the bright finish typical of arabica coffee grown at higher altitudes. The thinner air causes the plants to work harder producing their distinctive flavor. Living Hope Coffee is roasted to accent these flavors so no matter how you brew it, you will love Living Hope Coffee.

“Living Hope Coffee is coffee with a cause. Every purchase of Living Hope Coffee increases the sustainability of Living Hope’s ministry to orphaned children in Zambia and the Zambians who grow and harvest the coffee.”

The Cause

Living Hope International is a non-profit ministry caring for at-risk orphans in Zambia. Our farm is part of our campus and all proceeds from our coffee sales benefit this ministry of providing love, life, education and opportunity to children who have little hope. When you purchase Living Hope Coffee you are giving hope, Living Hope, to children in need.

“When you pour yourself a cup of Living Hope Coffee, you pour hope into the children of Living Hope; you pour hope into the farm workers and construction workers of Living Hope; you pour hope into the neighbors of Living Hope. Pour hope.”

The Cup

Every cup counts. Every cup counts because every child counts. In Zambia, the count is approximately 1.5 million children who have lost their parents. That’s nearly 10% of the population. Living Hope loves a good cup of coffee, but we love children far more. When God inspired the creation of Living Hope International, He also inspired the creation of Living Hope Coffee because every child counts. Your cup counts when your cup is filled with hope, Living Hope.



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