2018: New Year, New Website, New Coffee, Same Cause

New Year: 2018 has arrived with great hope and great promise for Living Hope. It arrives with a new website that is more than just a facelift. The new website is designed with better communication in mind: better communication between Living Hope and our supporters as well as better communication between our supporters and their sponsored children. Not only will the new website provide the latest, exciting news about Living Hope, it will provide a secure portal for sponsors to send Hope Notes to their sponsored children. Ministry Teams traveling to Ndola carry letters to the children from their sponsors, but with this new portal, sponsors will be able to write a Hope Note and have it delivered in a much timelier fashion. Along with the Hope Note, sponsors are able to upload an additional page. This additional page could be photos, a handwritten letter from a child or anything else that fits on a page. Be sure to check out the new www.livinghopeinternational.org and the secure portal to send a Hope Note.

New coffee was delivered to our roaster just last week! The 2018 harvest produced our biggest crop yet as we imported over 8000 lbs. of green coffee to be roasted and sold here in the states to support our ministry. The coffee continues to improve in quality as we become better coffee farmers. To see how quickly our crop has grown creates a nervous excitement as we trust God to create new markets to sell Living Hope Coffee. Coffee is not the heart of Living Hope, the children we care for are the heart of Living Hope, but coffee is an exciting way to provide for the children of Living Hope.

Same Cause. Living Hope is trusting God for much in 2018: medical clinic, play structure, school, continued coffee development, continued construction, etc. Above all, we are trusting God to provide everything necessary to foster love, life and leadership in the children of Living Hope. Because Jesus is love, the author of life and greatest leader in history, Living Hope continues to provide the hope of Jesus Christ to children in Zambia.

It may be a new year, we may have a new website and we may have imported 8000 lbs. of new coffee, but we have the same cause because our God is the same today and tomorrow as he was yesterday. Remember God’s proclamation in Malachi 3:6, “I the Lord, do not change.” As we buckle up for another lap around the sun, let us hurl ourselves into 2018 with hope for what is to come because our unchanging God remains sovereign over his creation and cares for his children.

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